For a long time we used to employ ‘website designers’ to produce and manage our websites. While many of these people were great to work with and genuinely committed to helping their customers, others seemed to put obstacles in our way every time we wanted to change a word or two on our website – time, cost…

So, we often ended up not changing our website and not using it as well as we could.

This situation had to change.

Then we decided to look first at the ‘content management system’ behind the website – the back-end system through which you can change text, add new pages, upload videos, all the things we wanted to do quickly and affordably. After researching a number of systems including Drupal and Umbraco, we decided that WordPress was the easiest for non-technical people to use and would therefore be best for the companies and organisations we knew needed help with their website.

Jeeves4WordPress is a service offered by Lattice PR – originally we provided website development and management services under the Lattice PR name but it was getting a little confusing for customers. So we’ve created this new brand which concentrates on WordPress and websites.

As communicators though, we still firmly believe that the message is what is important – not just fancy graphics and whizzy websites. That’s why we offer a web copywriting service to help you craft your messages.

If there’s anything you’d like to know or would like to hear about on our blog, get in touch and let us know.